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Traffic Violations Attorney in Independence, Missouri

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Defend Your Future with Help from A DUI Attorney Based in Independence, MO

Traffic violations can leave serious stains on your record. If you've been issued a traffic ticket, you can appeal it with help from Michael J Englert, Attorney at Law. We offer legal defense services in Independence, MO, and the surrounding area. Our speeding ticket attorney will gather all the evidence and present your case effectively.

If you're found guilty of a traffic violation, you could end up with...

  • Higher insurance premiums

  • A suspended driver's license

  • Significant fines

If you're being charged with a DUI, attorney Englert will be there to fight for you. Make an appointment today by calling.

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When Should You Contact Us?

From parking tickets to DUIs, attorney Englert handles it all. You need to contact a traffic attorney if you've been...

  • Arrested on suspicion of a DUI

  • Issued an unfair speeding ticket

  • Involved in an auto accident

  • Caught driving with a suspended license

  • Cited for driving without insurance

Want to fight back against your speeding ticket? Call attorney Englert today to get started.