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Wills Attorney in Independence, Missouri

Establish a Power of Attorney

Go Over the Details with A Lawyer in The Independence, MO Area

Your estate includes all of your assets, from financial accounts to physical belongings. Michael J Englert, Attorney at Law wants to help you protect them by creating a plan for your estate. We offer estate planning and will drafting services throughout the Independence, MO area. You can depend on our attorney for cost-effective solutions that will give you peace of mind.

If you'd like to choose a power of attorney but don't know where to start, contact our firm today. We're happy to assist you.

Start Planning for Your Future Today

3 Ways to Prepare Your Estate

The sooner you start planning for the future, the more secure your assets will be. You can prepare for the future by...

  • Writing your standard or living will

  • Choosing a power of attorney

  • Creating a health care directive

Interested in will drafting services? Make an appointment with attorney Englert today by calling.