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Gun-Related Charges Attorney in Independence, Missouri

Are You Facing Gun-Related Charges?

Talk to Michael J Englert, Attorney at Law About Firearm Offenses in Independence, MO

Firearm offenses are taken seriously in Missouri. If you're convicted, you could lose your firearm privileges and face jail time. If you're facing gun-related charges in the Independence, MO area, turn to Michael J Englert, Attorney at Law for help. Attorney Englert has over three decades of legal experience and will go to bat for you in the courtroom. With his help, you have a better shot at getting reduced or dropped charges.

Call a criminal defense attorney right away if you're facing gun-related charges.

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What Is Unlawful Use of A Weapon?

A lot of different charges fall under firearm offenses. Attorney Englert can defend you if you were arrested for...

  • Bringing a firearm into a school or educational facility

  • Displaying a deadly weapon in a threatening manner

  • Shooting a firearm into a building occupied by people

  • Handling a potentially deadly weapon carelessly while intoxicated

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