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Assault Attorney in Independence, Missouri

Were You Arrested for A Violent Crime?

Speak to A Criminal Defense Attorney of Michael J Englert, Attorney at Law in Independence, MO

If you were charged with assault, you need to hire a criminal defense attorney right away. Assault charges can result in hefty fines or jail time, so it's important to have sound guidance throughout the legal process. Michael J Englert, Attorney at Law takes on assault cases in Independence, MO. Attorney Englert will be your advocate in the courtroom, working hard to build your criminal defense.

You don't have to face the jury alone. Call a criminal defense attorney today to start working on your case.

Facing Assault Charges?

What Are the Different Types of Assault Charges?

Attorney Englert has experience defending clients against all kinds of assault charges, including:

  • First-degree assault-attempting to kill someone or cause serious physical harm

  • Second-degree assault-recklessly harming someone or harming someone in a provoked emotional state

  • Third-degree assault-knowingly causing physical harm to someone

  • Fourth-degree assault-knowingly causing injury to someone, putting someone in harm's way, or engaging in unwanted physical contact with someone

If you have questions about your assault charges, contact attorney Englert today.