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Being charged with a felony doesn't have to mean your future is ruined. But you do need to act fast. While the prosecution is building their case, you need a tenacious felony criminal defense attorney who can give you a fighting chance in court. Contact Michael J Englert, Attorney at Law for assistance with your felony charges in the Independence, MO area.

Attorney Englert has over three decades of experience defending clients against serious felony charges. Call today to schedule a consultation with a respected local felony attorney.

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How Are Felonies Classified in Missouri?

The lines between different felony charges can be open to interpretation. This is why you need a dedicated felony criminal defense attorney on your case. Missouri has five separate felony classifications:

  • Class E felonies: crimes involving reckless criminal negligence resulting in injuries

  • Class D felonies: crimes such as fraud, resisting arrest, or domestic assault

  • Class C felonies: includes involuntary manslaughter, statutory rape, and possession of a controlled substance

  • Class B felonies: crimes including voluntary manslaughter and first-degree burglary

  • Class A felonies: includes murder, kidnapping, child rape, and some drug crimes

It is worth noting that most felonies can be removed from your record after seven years, but Class A felonies will remain forever. To discuss your legal options moving forward, reach out to our local law office today.